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Southwest: About

The Southwest series reflects and recreates the terrain of the Southwestern United States. 


From a distance, the landscape of this area seems to be composed of giant gravity-defying monolithic forms. Miles of peaks and valleys where arching, twisting, hanging rocks appear to have been carved by wind and rain from solid stone over centuries.


Upon closer observation however, you see that these seamless giants are actually made of countless diversely colored and textured individual elements, all piled on and between one and other.


These characteristics are embodied in the sculptures of the Southwest Series. The individual stones are chose for their shape, character, and for the way in which they contribute to the sculptural form as a whole. While these separate components are visible upon closer examination, distance presents the viewer with the image of a single, graceful, weightless whole that appears to challenge our preconceived notions about stone. In this series, I have attempted to capture both the contradiction and grace of the Southwest.

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